International Exchange
We hold international seminars and scholarly forums for related industries. We also advocate transnational corporation programs between scholars and businessmen.

Industrial Applied Research
We establish research communities for interdisciplinary scholars in such areas as enterprise architecture, information technology, commercial business decision-making, and organizational behavior. We also conduct research based on actual business practice for enterprises and organizations of all types at home and abroad.

Education and Training
We provide international certificate courses in enterprise architecture and internal training. We also conduct government-approved training courses and course modules for undergraduate and graduate university levels.

Research Publishing
aEAD makes publications and teaching resources available for businesses and education. Examples include: TOGAF international enterprise architecture certification prep guides, enterprise individual case studies, dissertations, reports on cooperation between industry and academia, transnational organizational research analyses, and multiple media teaching publications.
Consultation services
We offer expertise in such areas as enterprise diagnosis, enterprise management, organizational optimization, and human resources management.