Stakeholder's expected value of Enterprise Architecture: An Enterprise Architecture solution based on stakeholder perspective
Author: Ira Puspitasari
Abstract: Many enterprises develop and adopt Enterprise Architecture (EA) to achieve IT and business alignment and to support strategic business excellence. However, EA contribution to enterprise goals is questionable. The EA implementation is ineffective because stakeholders are reluctant to actively adopt it in their enterprise life. The reluctance happens because the EA product does not accommodate stakeholder's expected values. No matter how excellent an EA is, if the stakeholder rejects its content, it becomes meaningless and loses its strategic functionality. Thus, EA architect needs to identify and accommodate stakeholder's expected value. The next problem arises when a stakeholder's expected value conflicts with others' expected value or enterprise objective. This paper proposes a solution based on the stakeholder perspective to improve a successful and smooth EA implementation. The proposed approach consists of the stakeholder's expected value analysis scheme, the EA stakeholder profile catalog, and the priority matrix. The analysis scheme is used to identify EA stakeholder, to create the profile catalog, and to analyze stakeholder's expected value. The purpose of the priority matrix is to solve potentially conflicted expected values between stakeholders by prioritizing the value fulfillment based on stakeholder's contribution and concern. The preliminary validation by EA architects suggests that the proposed approach is feasible and usable to be applied in the EA development process. ...Full
Source: IEEE: